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Group Rides

Join our rides!

Click here for information on group riding etiquette.


As a rough gauge for choosing group, use the average speeds below. More details on the leftnav.

If you're a newcomer, attempt to arrive 15 mins prior to the start of the ride. Be sure to speak up and ask others what groups are forming and get the details. Group leaders attempt to announce what the various groups will be riding.

Level Speed Distance
A 20+ MPH average 35-45 miles
B 16-19 MPH average 30-40 miles
C 15 MPH average 20+ miles
D Under 15 MPH average Less than 20 miles

Weather or Not? (Ride Cancellation)

Please note: most rides are cancelled when raining. However, tolerance for passing showers and wet road conditions varies within members, so some riders will show up for less than optimal weather days. Attend at your own discretion.